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Freelance SAP Solution Architect

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I am working as a freelance SAP Solution Architect specializing in SAP R/3 and S4HANA Supply Chain Management projects. Here I'm specializing on the logistics process chain with a strong focus on all integration aspects in neighbouring areas. For more than 25 years I've been providing independant consulting services for large international and medium sized companies implementing solutions for SAP Supply Chain Management projects. My focus was always on developing the best solutions helping businesses to optimize their SAP processes and achieve their goals. Throughout my career I had leading project roles in some of the best recognized projects of the oil and automotive industry

Please explore the information below to learn more about my skills and project experience.


Having started with SAP projects more than 25 years ago in the Oil Industry I focused on the process industry with successful projects in Chemicals, Food Industry and Pharmaceuticals. For the last 10-15 years I have been working mainly with clients in Manufacturing, FMCG, Fashion and the Automotive Industry.

Business Processes

My core expertise lies in the Business Processes modeled in the SAP Logistics modules PtP/MM (Purchase-to-Pay) and OtC/SD (Order-to-Cash) where I have worked most of my professional career with a strong focus on all issues around management of Inter-/Intracompany Processes.

  • R3/S4 Inter/-Intracompany Stock-Transfers
  • Stock Transfer between 2 Systems
  • Stock Transfer for project-related products
  • R3/S4 Intercompany Sales
  • SiT Valuated Stock-in-Transit
  • S4HANA Advanced Intercompany Sales and Stock-Transfer
  • ARM Advanced Return Management/Store Returns
  • Intercompany Transfer-Pricing MM/SD
  • Integrated VAT-handling for IC-Procurement/Sales
  • Stock/Revenue Account Determination
  • ICMR Intercompany Matching&Reconciliation
  • Data Migration for Intercompany-Scenarios

My consulting approach is highly customized to ensure that - based on my broad experience - your SAP Solutions align perfectly with the specific requirements and objectives of your business. Here I can contribute especially in the integration of all business aspects between Logistics and FI/CO.


My customers and colleagues appreciate my broad experience of over 20 years SAP R/3 projects and now more then 5 years in S4HANA. This also included the responsibility for the success of some major Custom Development Projects for some of my customers.

I continuously update my expertise to keep your logistics operations ahead of the curve by using cutting edge SAP technology.

Services and Skills

Here some of the key skills in my portfolio

  • Process Optimization: Identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies within your logistics operations and implement strategies for streamlined processes.
  • SAP Implementation: Seamlessly integrate SAP logistics solutions into your business or embark on a fresh implementation project.
  • Custom Development: Integrate your unique process requirements into the SAP environment, ensuring a long-term solution.
  • Training and Support: Empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize the potential of SAP logistics solutions.
  • Excellent Communication Skills: Communication is key! Nothing can be achieved on a project without joining all resources into the common goal.
  • Proven Team-Lead skills: Managing expectations and resources to ensure success and long-term relationships.


My portfolio showcases numerous cases where I have helped organizations reduce costs, optimize supply chains, improve inventory management, and elevate customer satisfaction. Here the most recent projects where I was able to contribute with my experience. For further details please check my full CV on LinkedIn

Schaeffler Group

Schaeffler Group

  • Senior MM/SD Consultant Intercompany
    • S4HANA Greenfield Template Project
    • Process Design and Solution Architecture
    • Design/Implementation for all Intercompany-Processes
    • Design/Implementation Valuated Stock in Transit
    • Design/Implementation IC-Returns (ARM/Store Returns)
    • Design/Implementation project-related IC-Procurement
    • Design/Implementation inter-company Asset Transfer


  • SAP MM/SD Team Lead Inter-Company
    • R/3 Demerger/Carveout Project
    • Process Design and Solution Architecture
    • Team/Resource Planning
    • Migration Concepts & Cutover Planning
    • FICO integration


  • SAP SD Team Lead
    • S4HANA Greenfield Implementation
    • Quotation and SalesOrder Management in Manufacturing Environment
    • VAT-Determination in Sales
    • ATP and Backorder Processing
    • ARM Advanced Return Management


  • SAP Lead Consultant for SCM Process Improvements (S4HANA)
    • S4HANA Greenfield Implementation
    • ARM Advanced Return Management
    • ATP and Backorder Processing
    • Dispo/Situation handling
Triumph International

Triumph International

  • SAP MM Team lead
    • R/3|APO-implementation for ECC/AFS
    • Design and Implementation of Intercompany and external Procurement Processes
    • Design and implementation of QM-processes
Schaeffler Group

Schaeffler Group

  • Senior MM/SD Consultant Intercompany
    • R3 Rollout Implementations on various international rollouts for Intercompany Processes
    • Design/Implementation IC-Returns (ARM/Store Returns)
    • Design/Implementation Intercompany-Processes with VC Variant Configuration

BMW Group

  • Senior SD Consultant
    • R3 Template Design
    • eShop Intergration
    • Team Management

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If you want to get in touch with me, please feel free to contact me in order to evaluate all possible options. This can be done easiest via my LinkedIn-page where you'll find my full profile and all up-to-date information.

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